Week one! (Jan. 14, 2013)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Well week one was full of highs and lows. There were moments when I felt completely fulfilled and excited about educating my kiddos, but there were definitely more moments when I felt stretched beyond what one person is capable of accomplishing. One of me and four of them, can feel a bit overwhelming at times. We had lots of learning moments and a couple of field trips in the first week so it was an easy beginning to this new world of homeschool. Our first field trip was on Tuesday,  we picked up my niece from the airport and since we a few hours to kill we visited the San Jose children's museum. So many things to do there, it was a great find! I forgot to bring my nice camera (I got a few pics on my phone) but, I promise to take it next time and make a post just about the museum, it was VERY fun! The following two days were cold, soggy, and gray;  this made for a few moments that were a bit discouraging and crazy...but I knew a break was coming so we plugged on through.

            We then took Friday off to meet my sister and her family for a bit of snowboarding fun up at China peak resort near Fresno, CA. The big kids took lessons and it was great. Ty was pretty sad to miss out due to his broken foot, but enjoyed playtime with his awesome Auntie and Uncle. After several hours of snowboarding fun I was truly grateful they shut the lifts down at 4pm, I don't think I could have gone on one more run.  My body is still complaining about our weekend activities making me feel a little old and out of shape, but It was definitely worth it. I hope we can fit a few more trips to the snow in this season the kids really enjoyed this and it was a good reminder that I don't have to give up things just because I'm a mom. Bonus: I think it gave me a little bit of "cool" factor in my kids eyes!
         We are now onto week 2 with no major diversions in the plans for this week, but next week we will be heading back to Nevada for a week or two to finalize a few things. I am being blessed with many opportunities to practice patience, I just pray that I will pass more of these "tests" than I fail.  It was great to get back to church yesterday I know that it helps to fill my bucket and keep me going through even the craziest of weeks. I wish you a great week and to all my friends in Vegas... I can't wait to see y'all!
Enjoy each day,

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