Wildlife at home!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Couple of weeks ago I saved this little bunny from our neighbors cat. I didn't know rabbits made any sounds but this tiny one sure squealed very loudly when our neighbors cat had it by the neck. I was sitting on the porch reading after the boys left on the bus, I looked up to see a cat with a tiny little bunny in his mouth. I chased him down and the cat dropped it, I scooped him up to make sure he was okay, a little scratched up but nothing terrible. It was then that Emily woke up and came out to find me. After the bunny calmed down for a minute she sat and held it for a long while. It took some convincing but I finally talked her into finding the bunny a safe place to call home. We walked behind our house and found a little grove of trees and set it free. She was sad for a while and asked all day if we could go say back and say hi to the bunny.

                                   Emily setting the bunny free.                                

The bunny's new home.

Who is this guy?

Sunday, October 12, 2008
Lonnie had been growing a goatee and mustache for several weeks, and I think he got tired of my little pecking kisses because I am not so fond of furry kisses. Well for whatever reason he decided to cut it I was very glad until he came out of the bathroom with this thing!  Ugh-ly!
I am so grateful that he was just teasing and finished shaving it off. It was hard enough looking at him to take this photo, he just looked so completely unlike my gorgeous guy it gave me the shivers.  Any way he is back to the clean shaven look these days and I am really enjoying having my guy back!  Just thought I would share the shivers with ya'll.

Buddy Walk 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We joined our good friends Rhonda & Ryan Richins and their daughter-- Kendall for the 2008 Buddy walk. Kendall and her little brother were both born with an extra chromosome, and they have found a wonderful support system from the down syndrome of louisville center. We walked this year to honor and support Kendall and in memory of precious little Kallen who despite his many health problems, fought and lived for 105 days.

Our family really enjoyed being there with our friends and helping to support this great cause. There were over 70 people on the Special K (K for Kendall and Kallen) team alone. What a great turnout! Thanks for letting us be a part of something great!

There were hundreds maybe thousands of people there walking and they think that they will raise almost $200,000 this year.

   What an exciting thing to be a part of!   Go Kendall!