I'm going to "Bee" very organized this year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015
It's almost a new year! 
 YAY, I love the chance to start anew and try to set new goals. 

For weeks I have been struggling to find a calendar that really fits my needs, simple and concise, yet I want it to have all the important things to keep me organized. I absolutely love the calendar on my phone and use it daily for those wonderful auto reminders but I still love a visual paper plan.

Last year I used the much loved Mormon mom planner which is full of really awesome planning tools (you can find it here.) It may work awesome for you lots of people really LOVE it! However, it was just more than what I wanted. I loved the week at a glance section, but it was a little bulky and I really wish I could have hung it up in my kitchen!

So I started searching again about a month ago to find an alternative and there was just NOTHING that came close, so I decided to put one of my own together. It will have a lot less of the bells and whistles.
  • It will be an 8.5 x 11 spiral bound two week at a glance calendar (11x17 when hung up).
  • A weekly journaling section to record memorable moments.
  • An uplifting quote to ponder each week.
  • Plus a checklist section to remind me of my every day goals. 
Don't forget my favorite part.... a little section on each calendar day where I can write down a dinner idea! 
I find that planning dinner's in advance is the number one thing that helps me keep sane at the end of a long day.
Here is an image of what it will look like..... I've nicknamed it my "Bee" the best mom calendar!
I am madly working on completing this project that I should have started a month or two ago, I hope to have it done and printed by next week. With all this time and effort I decided to offer the option for my friends and family to purchase a copy too. I've estimated the printing price to be about $22-25. It will be all in color and the cover will be laminated for durability.

Wish me luck...DO YOU WANT ONE too?!

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Maureen Kijek said...

I tried that one too! And yes, it was too bulky. One thing I did like was the second monthly calendar that was set up days of the week going vertically. I used that page to plan lessons for the library. I also liked the goal check-off right on the weekly page. Haven't yet found something that serves yet fits my purse/bag comfortably without adding such weight.

Liking your blog, Angel!