We love boating!

Sunday, June 22, 2008
Saturday some friends invited us to go boating with them. We all brought food and had a great time together. The kids all loved being in the boat--being in the water--being on the tube! You name it they had a blast! Lonnie and I really enjoyed it too!   All three "boys" went for a long ride on the tube, I was exhausted just watching Lonnie with a boy on each side.  Then Emily wanted to go and of course, that means it is my turn. Thankfully it wasn't to long before Emily was "all done" but she still had fun. When they stopped the boat to pull us in she was quite upset because she wanted to jump back into the water. I am not sure how it happened but our kids are such water fanatics, they just can't get enough of the stuff! 
Anyhow we had a great time, Thanks again to the Gremmerts who put the whole shindig together--You Rock! 
Here are a few pictures of our fun...Here is a little clip of all three "boys" on the tube...


Cicadas invade us

Friday, June 13, 2008

We have been educating ourselves about these bugs over the last 3-4 weeks since we have been over taken by them. They are so loud and there are so many of them that when you drive down the freeway, windows up, and a/c on you can still hear the constant hum. the kids have become more comfortable with them and I took a few photos of their cicada hunt today. Notice our blossoming magnolia tree, it is so fragrant. The bugs are big here but we still love Kentucky. I am grateful that they won't last forever. There seem to be fewer every day, but still seem to be everywhere. Even though they are very annoying they are very interesting. They hibernate under ground for 13-17 years and then they come out and lay their eggs. At least this is the first summer we have had to deal with them and it will probably be the last. Here are a few pics...


Kentucky Horse Park

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Over the Memorial day weekend we took a little trip to Lexington to the Kentucky Horse park the kids had a blast they had several horse demonstrations throughout the day. In between each of the shows we either played at their park, or ate, oh yeah and they went on pony rides too. Here are a few photos of our day, we had a pretty great day with our pretty great kids. We haven't had a "just for fun" day in a while-- it was long over due. The weather was great and it waited until we were leaving to start raining.


They just keep growing.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

It has been a busy spring around our house. Ethan & Logan are both playing Little League baseball, which translates to sometimes 4 games a week. Not only that we have had  Spring year end performances for both boys and Ethan also had his Pre-K graduation. I sent you a clip of Logan's singing -- the video is terrible but if you know it is Logan he is in the top right corner in a blue and orange stripe shirt. I also have one from Ethan but his isn't loading well, so you'll have to make due with a cute graduation photo. I can't believe how these kids are growing. Next year Ethan goes to kindergarten, Logan to 2nd grade and Emily to preschool.  Life is flashing before my eyes.  My Dad always used to say when I was a kid that the older you get the faster time goes, I now understand what he was saying. Anyway we love and miss you all and I will send more of our adventures soon! 

Spring singing by Logan & Classmates