Matching cuties!

Saturday, December 17, 2011
I like to sew, I just don't do it very often. I usually have so many other projects going that I don't have time to sew, but this Christmas I made time. I found some super cute fleece and couldn't resist the opportunity to make matching PJ pants. Normally the kiddos get jammies on Christmas eve, but we gave them a week early so they could wear them to our ward (come in your PJ's) Christmas breakfast!

They are growing too fast! I'm trying to enjoy them through all the sibling quarrels, eye rolling, and other "my life is so hard" behavior! They are wonderfully imperfect kiddos and together we can grow. I learn from them and hopefully they will pick up a few good things from me, not just my many weaknesses! Sorry this post started out as a cute pic of Christmas jammies and then it got totally off topic. I guess Christmas does remind to see the blessings in our everyday moments! I hope you are enjoying your moments today!
Merry Christmas,
PS. I was getting ready to post this and I had to hurry and catch Ty before he broke all the stucco off our house... He was hammering it with his toy shovel! Blessings right?

- Sorry for any typos this is posted from my iPhone