Matching cuties!

Saturday, December 17, 2011
I like to sew, I just don't do it very often. I usually have so many other projects going that I don't have time to sew, but this Christmas I made time. I found some super cute fleece and couldn't resist the opportunity to make matching PJ pants. Normally the kiddos get jammies on Christmas eve, but we gave them a week early so they could wear them to our ward (come in your PJ's) Christmas breakfast!

They are growing too fast! I'm trying to enjoy them through all the sibling quarrels, eye rolling, and other "my life is so hard" behavior! They are wonderfully imperfect kiddos and together we can grow. I learn from them and hopefully they will pick up a few good things from me, not just my many weaknesses! Sorry this post started out as a cute pic of Christmas jammies and then it got totally off topic. I guess Christmas does remind to see the blessings in our everyday moments! I hope you are enjoying your moments today!
Merry Christmas,
PS. I was getting ready to post this and I had to hurry and catch Ty before he broke all the stucco off our house... He was hammering it with his toy shovel! Blessings right?

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I'm a Campaign manager

Monday, October 3, 2011
Well my darling oldest child came home last week and informed us that he was going to run for school historian. My first question was "what exactly does the school historian do?" his response, "I don't know, I think take pictures and stuff." Actually he was partially right, he will need to take pictures at school functions and keep a record of school activities. He would also be a member of the student council.

Well we spent much of the weekend brainstorming ideas (he had some pretty big ideas) then making campaign posters. I think I've had my fill of poster making for a while! Now he is writing his speech, I hope this is a positive experience for him irregardless of the outcome! He will do a great job, I hope he gets the chance!

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Oh where has my little boy gone?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I went in before going to bed to check on Ty and turn off the fan (helps him go to sleep). I reached down in the dark to cover him Ty. After opening the door to let in light and searching everywhere including in Emily's bed and under both beds I was stumped. We then began the search of the house Lonnie going one way and I the other. He was nowhere! I began to panic a little all the doors were still locked so he had to be in the house but where? I went back to the scene of the crime ((haha)) I turned on the light this time, still nothing but at least Em stayed asleep. Not in closet, not under the beds...oh wait I see little toes this time sticking out from behind the under bed drawer! I pulled the drawer out and there he was sleeping soundly on the floor, in the little niche behind the drawer!
Oh my beating much more is to come with this little man? He's only 2!

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...and their off!

Monday, August 29, 2011
It's been a good summer, full of adventures. A part of me is a little sad to see it come to an end, but truly we were all ready to go back to a more scheduled lifestyle. This morning went pretty smoothly other than Logan was very concerned with being early so we stood on the playground (on this 90 degree sunny Monday) for about 20 minutes before they had the pledge of allegiance. Too warm... I don't think we'll be going that early tomorrow.
It's gonna be a good year, no moving, just enjoying life...I'm looking forward to it!

Tyler wasn't to be left out...he had to have his backpack too!

PS Summer adventures to be posted soon, just have to wrangle all the pics! Hopefully I'll have more time now!

Ethan's Baptism

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I am a little behind in adding this post...but I finally got the pictures downloaded so here goes.

Ethan chose to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints...

on Saturday April 30, 2011.

What a sweet boy he is, so kind and imaginative. He was so grown up and thoughtful about all the things he felt that day. When I asked him how he felt when he came up out of the waters of baptism he said that he felt good and warm. He was smiling as only Ethan can... from ear to ear. The room was filled with family members who made the trek down to Las Vegas to be with him, it is nice that we live close enough now that we can be with family on these special occassions. He later wrote in an essay at school about his family, he said "I have lots of family and I know they love me a lot." I pray that he will remember the peace he felt this day so that he will be strong enough to face the trials in his life, that are certain in this world we live!

In fact that very day he was amazingly strong as he faced the trial of getting 8 stitches in his chin. While playing in the pool with cousins, one cousin jumped up and his head collided with Ethan's chin. I was able to keep my cool even though I really wanted to freak out, it was a very open gaping wound. Lonnie and I took him to the urgent care center where they got us in right away and sure enough said he needed stitches. The nurse was a little skeptical until I pulled the washcloth away and she had a look, she immediately left to get the doctor. I think it's because we were all so calm she thought there was no way it was very bad! ;)

It took approximately 1 hour for the doctor to stitch him up he was so strong, he layed there with his face covered up all except his chin. Lonnie and I held his hands and stroked his legs, but it was so hard to watch him have to go through this. Especially when those silent tears were rolling down his cheeks. He is not always the strongest kid when it comes to those kid bang ups and bruises- but today he was stronger than most adults, the doctor could not get over how well he did! Yeah Ethan! Sorry your first trial came so soon.

I am so grateful to have Ethan in our family he has a sweet soft heart, and is a joy to have around. Thank you to my Father in Heaven for trusting us with this sweet little man. (As well as the other 3 wonderfully imperfect kiddos)


Gotta remember this!

Sunday, June 5, 2011
We did something crazy this weekend...a last minute roadtrip! Yesterday morning we decided to hop in the car and drive to see my sister in a musical last night! She lives in central California so it was a bit of a drive....but she was so excited and surprised it was totally worth it!

Now today we are headed back home to Vegas...lots of hours in the car in a 2 day period. But the kids have been amazing they have been cooperating and playing so well. I had to add this little post and pic so I would remember this moment!


Red rock canyon

Last weekend we took a quick trip up to red rock canyon. We will definitely have to go back again... We weren't able to do much hiking as the kids had been sick that week and were a little tired. They wanted to hike more but they were glad we hadn't when we turned around to head back to the car.
Here are a few pics....
Ethan didn't want to even get close to the edge so he took a group picture of the rest of us!


Ice storm 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011
Well we have had quite the winter weather this week. Almost an inch of ice, then 2-3 inches of sleet on top of it! I am feeling so blessed to have a nice warm home and a garage so my car wasn't coated with ice!

It was a beautiful site this morning with the bright sun shining through ice covered trees.


Old Indianette attire

Thursday, January 27, 2011
While working in the storage room tonight we stumbled upon my old drill team costume. Emily had to put the whole ensemble on, Ethan was only jealous of the headdress. He wanted a turn at being the Indian. As soon as it was on his head-- up popped the imaginary bow, hilarious the imagination that kid has.

Wow I had forgotten how ugly these costumes are, does anyone know if they still wear these? We begged for a new style but were always given the denial, because they were a school tradition.

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Moving again!

This next step in our journey has been literally a trial of my faith. We have known since we moved to Illinois last May that we would ultimately be moving again to the Las Vegas Nevada area within the year. As daunting as it seemed to move twice in a one year span with our four children, we were most excited about the prospect of living close to our precious families once again. It has been almost five years since we moved eastward and our family has grown as have our children. It will be wonderful to see those we love more than once a year. That said, I didn't know just how hard it was going to be to do something simple like finding a house.

In November Lonnie and I flew out to the area and began our search, looking at many nice homes with a wonderful realtor who we really came to trust. (All blessings I didn't recognize at the time) We found a house that we loved made an offer and flew home. After 2 weeks of waiting we finally learned that we didn't have the highest bid on the home which was owned by a bank so we were back at the drawing board. But now we were thousands of miles away and had to rely on our gracious realtor's opinion along with lots and lots of pictures.

To try to shorten the story- we found so many wonderful homes making offers on each, only to find our (my) hopes dashed by losing out to higher offers or cash offers. I became very depressed and lets just say my faith in this exciting move was wavering a bit. However after a wonderful lesson in Relief Society one Sunday on scripture study I found a renewed strength. I turned to the Lord in study and prayer, and with His help and guidance I once again found the strength to push forward into our home search.

We found this home and one other but we were drawn to this one, it is not in the Henderson area where we were certain we wanted to be. It is on the south western side of Las Vegas in an area very near the mountains. We feel guided and blessed to have found this home and we are very excited to actually get to walk through the doors and see our new home. We will be leaving here in about 3 weeks, so we have much to prepare but we are blessed to feel the guidance of our Heavenly Father in this crazy leap of faith.

We may not be heading out to an unknown land where we will have to walk or carry our belongings in wagons, BUT I am feeling a little of what I imagine the pioneers felt. I am packing up our little family and heading out to a place unknown to me, and trusting in my Heavenly Father to guide us all along the way.

With love,

P.S. Our realtor called last night as she was at the home again and wanting to know if we had any more questions. After she answered them and was leaving the home she came outside to see a dozen kids playing in the cul-de-sac. She asked their ages and they were kind enough to tell her that they were 9, 6, 7, 5,10, and 3. Still brings tears to my eyes, I really wanted to find a neighborhood where our kids could play and make new friends....looks like Heavenly Father knows where we need to be much better than I do.