2nd grade field trip

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Today I went with Ethan and his class to The St. Louis childrens museum and the spaghetti factory. It was fun to be with Ethan and his friends. He is a fun easy going kid that seems to get along with everyone. I really enjoyed seeing him play and have fun with so many different kiddos. It was a blessed day!

- Sorry for any typos this is posted from my iPhone

Random moments of joy

Saturday, November 6, 2010
So I thought I would share a few moments of mommy joy the first picture is of Ty I was at hobby lobby( my new favorite store) and I had my back to the cart when I turned around Ty flashed me this cute smile, he was so proud of himself for getting this boa off the rack and putting it on. I think I got off easy- next time I shouldn't park him so close to anything that tempting -but I had to snap a quick pic...

The next one is of the kiddos tonight we found this little carousel in our mall and we couldn't resist taking a spin...

I just thought I'd better do a better job of documenting my joyful moments because I forget them too quickly. They seem to get overshadowed by the crazy ones- love these kiddos!