I wasn't dreaming of a white Christmas...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

...but we had one anyway. The kids loved it! I admit it was beautiful, but it's always a lot of work to get everyone ready to play in it.

So our Christmas morning started earlier than we would have wished but we didn't think we could hold the kids off any longer. Logan was up at 2am saying he couldn't get back to sleep. We said, "uh dude go back to bed there is no way we are getting up now!" Then Emily was in and out of the bed several times- just too much excitement. So by 6:20am there was just no holding out any longer.

So Santa was good to the kiddos they each got something they loved. What a crazy day full of spoiling, by Mom & Dad, and Grandparents and siblings combined. Many games were enjoyed, toys played with, skinny snowman built, a couple of snowballs thrown, and a yummy dinner had by all.

But none of it was quite as sweet as our growing kiddos singing Christmas carols arm in arm with each other (Ethan & Emily) As we read the Christmas story last night and sang many of the Christmas Hymns is was definitely a moment to remember one that brought tears to my eyes. I'm wishing I had more than just a mental picture to remember it by.

I am so grateful for the blessed life I get to live each and everyday.
So as I contemplate my gratitude for the gift of our Savior Jesus Christ this Christmas season- I am also grateful for the gift of Family & Friends as well!


Choo choo tree

Monday, December 6, 2010
Well we put our Christmas tree up this week and we quickly decided we needed a distraction for Tyler. A friend once told me they put a train around their tree and it entertained the little ones enough to leave the tree alone. We thought we would try it too!

We pulled out the geotrax trains that we've had since Logan was little. Ty was elated! He hasn't stopped playing with it since! It's almost as if the tree doesn't exist. It's so fun to watch him he will just crouch down and watch and wait until it comes around the tree.
It's so funny when they get stuck he will run over and pull on you and point to the train and say brrmm brrmm.

Love watching this little man explore the world, so grateful to have a little one in our house! Especially with his fun brothers and sister who adore him too!