Birthday Bowling!

Sunday, July 13, 2008
To Celebrate Emily's Birthday after we did the flowrider. We went bowling and had pizza. Our Friends The Harveys joined us for the celebration. It was a fun way to celebrate with family and friends!

Good Times at the farm.


Making Bow and arrows with Daddy!


Flowrider Crew


Our Trip to Utah

Where to begin we had so much fun in Utah it was a whirlwind ten days. We spent the first 2 days with Great Grandma &  Grandpa Wayment and the Warren Crew.  Thanks (G&G Wayment) for taking us all to the dinosaur park that was so fun to see all the cousins running and playing-- We practically had to drag them away. It was wonderful to see those we hadn't in so long. 
We promise it won't be that long again. 

Then it was on to the farm in Roosevelt. This is our kids "happy place" they never want to leave the horses and farming. Not to mention the swing ,the trampoline, and uncle Wayne's 4 wheeler, and most importantly Grandpa & Grandma spoiling them every time we turned around. With wonderful goodies and so many wonderful people who wouldn't find this their happy place!

If this wasn't enough we headed to the cabin for more fishing, boating, and relaxing fun!  It's a wonderful place that we can all be together comfortably and enjoy precious moments together. Thanks for making this a tradition!

Then we wrapped the time up with a weekend with Devin, Camille, Connor, Janae, and Jeremy. The Quigley side. We enjoyed a little shopping, swimming, and had quite the adventure thanks to our wonderful cousin Katrina. She got us a great deal, and we all got a chance to play on the FlowRider ( this is like a permanent wave that you can surf or boogie board on). Even Emily played in the water a little since it was her birthday. Be sure to check out the pictures I am including them as well. 

We had a blast this is just a brief synopsis of  our fun! But in spite of it all we were kind of ready to come home. We were literally having too much fun! We needed to sleep in our own beds and get a little more rest. So we will be ready for next time!

As far as the pictures go I have sat here and tried to decide which ones to put on and i can't so I am going to make a couple of slide shows they are all so cute i want to share-- so the slideshows are coming, but I gotta help put the kids to bed first...