Oh where has my little boy gone?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I went in before going to bed to check on Ty and turn off the fan (helps him go to sleep). I reached down in the dark to cover him up...no Ty. After opening the door to let in light and searching everywhere including in Emily's bed and under both beds I was stumped. We then began the search of the house Lonnie going one way and I the other. He was nowhere! I began to panic a little all the doors were still locked so he had to be in the house but where? I went back to the scene of the crime ((haha)) I turned on the light this time, still nothing but at least Em stayed asleep. Not in closet, not under the beds...oh wait I see little toes this time sticking out from behind the under bed drawer! I pulled the drawer out and there he was sleeping soundly on the floor, in the little niche behind the drawer!
Oh my beating heart...how much more is to come with this little man? He's only 2!

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