Logan is nine.

Saturday, March 20, 2010
This week our Logan turned nine years old. Wow - nine years of parenting and four kids later we are still just figuring things out as we go along. As kids go we feel pretty blessed. Logan is so helpful, and kind. Definitely not perfect but we are so grateful for this big kid with a big heart. He is getting so wise and I love to hear his comments- so witty. Just this morning we were leaving for his

baseball practice he ran back inside the house to get his baseball bag and after putting Ty in his seat I realized I left the keys in the house and headed back in as he was coming out. I said to jump in the car I would be right back I forgot the keys. His reply, " I guess we both forgot the most obvious things!"
Love that kid!


Monday, March 15, 2010
The other night I was changing Ty into jammies and after pulling his socks and shoes off his feet I made a whooeee sound and told him he had stinky feet. Since then he just thinks that is the funniest thing ever- had to share!

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