I wasn't dreaming of a white Christmas...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

...but we had one anyway. The kids loved it! I admit it was beautiful, but it's always a lot of work to get everyone ready to play in it.

So our Christmas morning started earlier than we would have wished but we didn't think we could hold the kids off any longer. Logan was up at 2am saying he couldn't get back to sleep. We said, "uh dude go back to bed there is no way we are getting up now!" Then Emily was in and out of the bed several times- just too much excitement. So by 6:20am there was just no holding out any longer.

So Santa was good to the kiddos they each got something they loved. What a crazy day full of spoiling, by Mom & Dad, and Grandparents and siblings combined. Many games were enjoyed, toys played with, skinny snowman built, a couple of snowballs thrown, and a yummy dinner had by all.

But none of it was quite as sweet as our growing kiddos singing Christmas carols arm in arm with each other (Ethan & Emily) As we read the Christmas story last night and sang many of the Christmas Hymns is was definitely a moment to remember one that brought tears to my eyes. I'm wishing I had more than just a mental picture to remember it by.

I am so grateful for the blessed life I get to live each and everyday.
So as I contemplate my gratitude for the gift of our Savior Jesus Christ this Christmas season- I am also grateful for the gift of Family & Friends as well!


Choo choo tree

Monday, December 6, 2010
Well we put our Christmas tree up this week and we quickly decided we needed a distraction for Tyler. A friend once told me they put a train around their tree and it entertained the little ones enough to leave the tree alone. We thought we would try it too!

We pulled out the geotrax trains that we've had since Logan was little. Ty was elated! He hasn't stopped playing with it since! It's almost as if the tree doesn't exist. It's so fun to watch him he will just crouch down and watch and wait until it comes around the tree.
It's so funny when they get stuck he will run over and pull on you and point to the train and say brrmm brrmm.

Love watching this little man explore the world, so grateful to have a little one in our house! Especially with his fun brothers and sister who adore him too!

2nd grade field trip

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Today I went with Ethan and his class to The St. Louis childrens museum and the spaghetti factory. It was fun to be with Ethan and his friends. He is a fun easy going kid that seems to get along with everyone. I really enjoyed seeing him play and have fun with so many different kiddos. It was a blessed day!

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Random moments of joy

Saturday, November 6, 2010
So I thought I would share a few moments of mommy joy the first picture is of Ty I was at hobby lobby( my new favorite store) and I had my back to the cart when I turned around Ty flashed me this cute smile, he was so proud of himself for getting this boa off the rack and putting it on. I think I got off easy- next time I shouldn't park him so close to anything that tempting -but I had to snap a quick pic...

The next one is of the kiddos tonight we found this little carousel in our mall and we couldn't resist taking a spin...

I just thought I'd better do a better job of documenting my joyful moments because I forget them too quickly. They seem to get overshadowed by the crazy ones- love these kiddos!

WooHoo my new website is ready!

Friday, October 15, 2010
Hey Family & Friends,
My new website is READY, I am announcing it to the world today! This is me biting my nails... No I am really excited to share it with you please check it out and let me know what you think!
It also has a blog where I will be posting fun ideas and projects that you can do with vinyl... (see the blog and enter to win the free giveaway today)
Also if you are on facebook we are giving away more stuff check it out...

Aloha Hawaii!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Last night was our last full night on this beautiful island and we were blessed with another beautiful sunset! Today we are headed to the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor. We can't leave without paying tribute to those who gave their lives to defend this beautiful country we are so blessed to be a part of!

It's been a fabulous vacation, but we are excited to see our kiddos. We fly all night and will be home by tomorrow afternoon.

Mahalo Pam & Andy for making this possible!

Aloha for the last time from HI,

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Another day in paradise.

Thursday, October 7, 2010
Well I sure have been enjoying the R & R of this vacation. We haven't rushed any where, and we have just taken each day one at a time. What a wonderful break it has been. I am certain my niece Katy who's got all our kids will be needing her own vacation when we get home. Life is just hectic when you have 4 busy little bodies to care for! Lonnie and I really appreciate her for making this vacation possible!
Mahalo Katy!

Here's the view from our lunch spot by the beach...

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We spent the day touring the Polynesian cultural center. With lifelike replicas of island living. It was very interesting. We ended the day with a Hawaiian luau dinner followed by an amazing live show! We are having such a good time, but everywhere I look I am reminded of my babies at home and I miss them and want to share this experience with them too...someday we will bring them --they will love it!

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Big waves!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
We spent the morning at Waimanelo beach. We found a great shady spot at a high point on the beach. With a fabulous view and some perfect boogie boarding waves. Lonnie joined Hawaiians of all ages - male and female to enjoy the waves. I chose to enjoy the view and the weather.
Here are shots from each direction...

Another place we want to share with the kids.

Yesterday's favorite spot was Shark's cove fabulous snorkeling our favorite so far! No turtles there but tons of fish and really clear water!

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Conference & Hawaii too

Sunday, October 3, 2010
Well we started our morning by watching conference on the laptop. Then we decided to take a drive we stopped at a north shore beach and listened to the wonderful 2nd session while sitting on the beach watching kite surfers. Amazing the opportunities technology offers us. We definitly had our cake and ate it too!
During our little drive it started raining even though the sun was out- it was awesome cause we had the top down on the jeep.
Along the way we stopped at the temple it was a beautiful. I am feeling so blessed to have been able to spend such a wonderful Sunday with my sweetheart!

Note the rain drops!

The view from the temple straight to the ocean!

Love this day!

Scenic view

Saturday, October 2, 2010
It's not the most flattering picture of me but a great view north of hanauma bay where we snorkeled this morning. We got to see a Hanu (sea turtle). Pretty lucky day!

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Jump, jump

I'm sitting on an airplane with no kids to entertain but who am I thinking about, my kids who else.
Just thought I would post this cute little clip of Tyler trying to jump! I've watched it twice sitting here it just makes me smile!

YouTube Video

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Apple farm

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Last week Emily had a field trip to an apple farm. Thanks to my niece Katy staying with Ty I actually got to go with Em. It was a lot of fun to get to enjoy a little one on one time with my girl. We got to pick our own apples. After a quick wagon ride back the kids got to play and visit the petting zoo. I appreciated this chance to be with my little girl even though the bus ride was a little bumpy!

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Saturday workshop

Sunday, August 29, 2010
We found ourselves at Lowes on Saturday to get a few things and we got there just in time for their free kids workshop. The kids had a great time building and hammering their wooden school bus. What a fun activity we didn't plan to do!! Here are a few snapshots of the workers...

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So grateful!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I am so blessed!

Sometimes I find myself getting frustrated with the monotonous tasks motherhood keeps throwing in my face!!!
BUT today is a new day! Even though the dishes and laundry still need to get done -- and my kids probably won't say thank you for the clean clothes ( that they must put away)-- it doesn't matter!

My Heavenly Father loves me and appreciates me and has richly blessed me! Today will be a better day because I am choosing to remember to be grateful!!!

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What a mess!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Today I let Ty go at a cup of baby food by himself and he had a blast being a big boy with his spoon. I walked out of the room for a minute and I came back to him shampooing his hair with the stuff. He was so proud. I ended up hosing his head and hands off in the sink because the rest of him was spotless believe it or not. He wasn't pleased with that part at all !

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Logan is nine.

Saturday, March 20, 2010
This week our Logan turned nine years old. Wow - nine years of parenting and four kids later we are still just figuring things out as we go along. As kids go we feel pretty blessed. Logan is so helpful, and kind. Definitely not perfect but we are so grateful for this big kid with a big heart. He is getting so wise and I love to hear his comments- so witty. Just this morning we were leaving for his

baseball practice he ran back inside the house to get his baseball bag and after putting Ty in his seat I realized I left the keys in the house and headed back in as he was coming out. I said to jump in the car I would be right back I forgot the keys. His reply, " I guess we both forgot the most obvious things!"
Love that kid!


Monday, March 15, 2010
The other night I was changing Ty into jammies and after pulling his socks and shoes off his feet I made a whooeee sound and told him he had stinky feet. Since then he just thinks that is the funniest thing ever- had to share!

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Happy Birthday Gma!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We wanted to wish a happy birthday to you!
We always have so much fun when we are with you
and wish that we could have been there to share your
special day with you. We are grateful however for
all the fun moments we have had the chance to spend
with you! Here's to many more adventures ahead!!

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More snow in Kentucky!

Monday, February 15, 2010
I am trying to make the most of this snowy situation! I just came in from helping the kiddos build this snow fort. I really was just going to get them started- and come back in but I started shoveling the drive and filling up their boxes before I knew it they had really made some progress, so I got caught up in their excitement and couldn't quit. I am grateful for moments like these that remind me to take a break and just play with my ever growing up kids!

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Yes or no!

Friday, February 12, 2010
An indescisive baby!

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Snow bunnies

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Even though it was pretty chilly out there was no talking these kiddos out of playing in the snow today. Even though they were disappointed at the loss of their sledding tube they were just happy to dig in the white stuff for snow boulders. It's been kind of fun to have a couple of days to just hang out, but it will be nice for school to get going again! I'll be honest I hid in the laundry room for a while folding laundry to just have a few moments of alone time- that's desperate!

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More steps every day!

An update of our little man and his walking prowess. Mostly for the grandma's and pa's we don't want you to miss out on these sweet moments!

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Thanks Grandpa Q!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Here's a fun little clip of Ethan with a cute floppy wooden duck Grandpa Quigley sent us- they love it!

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Sweet steps!

Thursday, January 28, 2010
Our little man is getting so brave. Even though it makes me a little sad that he is growing so fast - He is just so adorable I can't help but have fun watching him explore! I hope you enjoy this little clip....

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Snow day!

Thursday, January 7, 2010
Here's a bit of our snow day fun today...

***A BIG Thank you to Robin, John, and Emily Cotton-- for tending baby, filling tubes, playing with us, and hot cocoa too! What a fun day!


Happy birthday!

Saturday, January 2, 2010
I just wanted to take a second and remember how blessed I am to be married to a wonderful, funny, amazingly supportive, and darn good lookin guy!
I am so glad I get to spend the NEXT 35 years with him!

PS Daddy & Ty resting for a minute while we waited to get off the ship!