So grateful!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I am so blessed!

Sometimes I find myself getting frustrated with the monotonous tasks motherhood keeps throwing in my face!!!
BUT today is a new day! Even though the dishes and laundry still need to get done -- and my kids probably won't say thank you for the clean clothes ( that they must put away)-- it doesn't matter!

My Heavenly Father loves me and appreciates me and has richly blessed me! Today will be a better day because I am choosing to remember to be grateful!!!

- Sorry for any typos this is posted from my iPhone


Joanne said...

I needed that reminder today. Thanks Angel!

Unknown said...

Thanks...hum kind of screamed and yelled a little too much this morning. Drove to Springerville and got to thinking....the yelling certainly did not make anything go better. I need to work harder...add be grateful to that and things could be much better. Hope all is well for you guys!