...and their off!

Monday, August 29, 2011
It's been a good summer, full of adventures. A part of me is a little sad to see it come to an end, but truly we were all ready to go back to a more scheduled lifestyle. This morning went pretty smoothly other than Logan was very concerned with being early so we stood on the playground (on this 90 degree sunny Monday) for about 20 minutes before they had the pledge of allegiance. Too warm... I don't think we'll be going that early tomorrow.
It's gonna be a good year, no moving, just enjoying life...I'm looking forward to it!

Tyler wasn't to be left out...he had to have his backpack too!

PS Summer adventures to be posted soon, just have to wrangle all the pics! Hopefully I'll have more time now!


Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, hey. Back to rut, but a good rut. Cute kids. Love em.

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Anonymous said...
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