Cicadas invade us

Friday, June 13, 2008

We have been educating ourselves about these bugs over the last 3-4 weeks since we have been over taken by them. They are so loud and there are so many of them that when you drive down the freeway, windows up, and a/c on you can still hear the constant hum. the kids have become more comfortable with them and I took a few photos of their cicada hunt today. Notice our blossoming magnolia tree, it is so fragrant. The bugs are big here but we still love Kentucky. I am grateful that they won't last forever. There seem to be fewer every day, but still seem to be everywhere. Even though they are very annoying they are very interesting. They hibernate under ground for 13-17 years and then they come out and lay their eggs. At least this is the first summer we have had to deal with them and it will probably be the last. Here are a few pics...

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