Wildlife at home!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Couple of weeks ago I saved this little bunny from our neighbors cat. I didn't know rabbits made any sounds but this tiny one sure squealed very loudly when our neighbors cat had it by the neck. I was sitting on the porch reading after the boys left on the bus, I looked up to see a cat with a tiny little bunny in his mouth. I chased him down and the cat dropped it, I scooped him up to make sure he was okay, a little scratched up but nothing terrible. It was then that Emily woke up and came out to find me. After the bunny calmed down for a minute she sat and held it for a long while. It took some convincing but I finally talked her into finding the bunny a safe place to call home. We walked behind our house and found a little grove of trees and set it free. She was sad for a while and asked all day if we could go say back and say hi to the bunny.

                                   Emily setting the bunny free.                                

The bunny's new home.


Ashly said...

and *that* is why I don't like cats.

however, I *love* that story :) such sweet pictures too...glad you were there to save the bunny!

~ ThE RiChiNs KrEw ~ said...

Great story... thanks for sharing.