Camping in Kentucky!

Sunday, September 7, 2008
     We decide to spend Labor Day Weekend camping this year. We took the whole family including the dog to a Lake about 90 miles south of Louisville. Nolin lake turned out to be a great place to boat and we enjoyed being so close to the water.  However it was very hot and humid making sleeping under the stars not quite as refreshing as when you go camping in the west. The kids didn't seemed to be phased at all by the heat. They just had a great time, they loved the fishing , boating, and playing in the tent.  
     We all enjoyed an excursion to Mammoth Cave-- It is the worlds longest cave and we just saw a little tiny portion of it but what we saw was very refreshing. the temperature year round is about 54 degrees. It was amazing as we walked around the corner to the steps down to the cave and we could feel this rush of cool air. It was interesting to head deep into the earth and come into this massive room of rock. We all really enjoyed this part of the trip it was hard to leave the cool air of the cave and head back to our hot campsite.
    It was great having Tony, Stacie, and the kids with us. We took turns making dinner and not only did Stacie make a great dinner but she made a yummy chocolate cherry dessert to top it off! We hope they enjoyed the trip as much as we did.
   We gained a renewed appreciation for the comforts of home!



Patsy Mecham said...

What's this stuff on Lonnie's chin? or face? I'm glad you had a fun time.

Erica Shurter said...
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JWD said...

Looks like a fun camping trip. I've heard of Mammoth caves before and sounds like they are worth the trip. Maybe in the spring...
It was fun to go out with Tony and Stacie last night to Logan. Wish you were coming for the reunion too.

Erica Shurter said...

Looks like fun!!!!
We want to go camping with you - you have the boat! Too fun!

I was recording old movies onto DVD's the other day and found the Easter '04! Remember how little the kids were? They grow up way too fast! Nick and Emily both still had diapers and binkies! :)

Unknown said...

It's wonderful! Articles, Amazing!