Crazy Winds from hurricane Ike!

Monday, September 15, 2008
    We had a very windy Sunday yesterday we went to church and had our entire block of meetings without the benefit of electricity. It was kind of interesting to do it a little differently than normal. It got a little warm during Sacrament meeting but with the open windows in the classrooms the "breeze" cooled us off.  
    After church we headed home to find our house without power as well, so we pulled the camp stove out and made dinner roughing it style. After dinner the doorbell rang and it was our good friends Ben & Renee Sisloff they came to tell us about the tree that fell in their backyard. We had just finished inspecting our wooden swingset which had been pushed about 8 inches due  to high winds. We later found that gust were measured at the airport at 75 mph.
  We decide to walk over and see the tree at the Sisloffs and found Neal & Cindy (the mom dad) outside taking pics of the damage. Wow it was crazy! The biggest & strongest looking tree in their yard had come crashing into the back of their house taking out the deck and damaging some windows and the edge of the roof. This is probably the tree you would never expect to fall it looked so strong. However it had grown to a massage height all the while it was growing it sat atop of a bed of rock. This massive tree had roots only about 16-18 inches deep. 
   Luckily nobody was at home when it happened and the damage to their home didn't make it unlivable. Here are a few pics to give you one angle of the damage.



Unknown said...

That is crazy. I am glad everyone is ok and you guys too. sounds like fun the roughing it part though, those kind of things always make for good memories. Hey give me a call sometime, I had a couple questions on vinyl or email me with you number so I can call you. Hope all is well for you guys.... Sandra

Karie said...

That is so crazy! I'm glad everyone is ok. We got some winds on Sunday as well, most of our neighborhood is w/o power all week.... we were lucky enough to just have one flicker. It would absolutely stink to go w/o power with kids. Makes me realize how spoiled we are....