Kentucky Horse Park

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Over the Memorial day weekend we took a little trip to Lexington to the Kentucky Horse park the kids had a blast they had several horse demonstrations throughout the day. In between each of the shows we either played at their park, or ate, oh yeah and they went on pony rides too. Here are a few photos of our day, we had a pretty great day with our pretty great kids. We haven't had a "just for fun" day in a while-- it was long over due. The weather was great and it waited until we were leaving to start raining.


Patsy Mecham said...

Ha-ha. Now I can leave a comment. You will love my posting name. grandmother of 10. That will change I'm sure. For the better. Check your email for my comments. Thanks for sharing the photos and news. I love it.

Patsy Mecham said...

This is a neat thing to have for kids. I'm glad you found it and had some fun.

Ashly said...

angel- you lucky kids! I LOVE the KY Horse Park--such neat exhibits and I love getting to see all the horses up close. Of course, one time we did the pony rides and Dallin's pony went bonkers and started running, which scared him (and me) half to death! yikes. but glad you had fun!