Don't let Gratitude be removed from the holidays!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
 I really love Thanksgiving it is such an important holiday. It's the perfect way to begin the Christmas season, encouraging us to focus on all the blessings in our lives.  Over the last several years I have been increasingly frustrated at the way our society has stripped the gratitude from this beautiful holiday.

Here we are in 2019 and the attitude we are surrounded by is...."Can we hurry up and eat Thanksgiving dinner?  I need to get to the "black friday" sales that now start on Thursday and buy a bunch of stuff I don't really need, because it's cheap?"    

I didn't go to any of the sales in store this year, and haven't for a while. However, I  am really disappointed in myself as I let the "world" distract me from a holiday that I really enjoy. I spent much of the day Thursday pondering what my kids might need, so I could do a little online shopping before all the "good stuff" was gone. I let myself feel anxious about whether or not I was forgetting something that I really needed to order, instead of just enjoying a game with my kids.

I am a pretty budget minded person as this is how I help our family, by keeping our living costs as low as possible, yet still trying to make sure we have some fun extras too. So I get the idea of trying to save money wherever we can, but I hate that we have almost been forced into this position of "saving money" when I really just want to just be focusing on the good things I am already surrounded by.

Why do we let things into our hearts and minds that we know are destructive?

Please pardon the rant but I needed to vent for just a minute....

I really hope that we will make more time for gratitude in our lives, and stop letting society make us feel like we need something more to be happy!

Please feel free to comment and share how you make time for gratitude in your holiday festivities!

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