A lot has happened in the last 3 months!

Sunday, July 5, 2009
We have been a busy little family the last few months just thought I would share a few of the 230 photos I downloaded today-- I can't believe how behind I am but I thought you might enjoy the look back with me..
My sweet Lonnie holding our new tiny son... I'm a lucky girl to have a guy like him!

Ethan turned six and celebrated the day with spiderman party, here he is with his buddies shooting "spidy web" at targets. It was a fun day I can't believe he is six.

What a fun an energetic boy Ethan is, with so much excitement for everyday life.

Here is when Tyler was tiny enough to fit all snuggly down inside this baby carrier, I think he actually fit using it like this only twice.

Logan has always loved babies and with each new little brother or sister he has always had a special bond with them--so gentle and thoughtful of their needs.

Oh how I love to watch my precious baby sleep, so peaceful and cuddly!
(He is about 2.5 weeks old in this pic)

The big kids selling lemonade with their Sisloff buddies Renee and Ben!

Emily comforting her baby brother when he was not so patiently waiting for Mom!

Holding Sweet little Ty is a favorite pastime at our house! Can you tell?

Not very often does this busy little girl slow down long enough to nap,
but when she does Tucker is always close by he sure does like this girl of ours!

Logan and Ethan wanted "summer" haircuts so here's a pic of our three fuzzy headed boys!

Here's our 2.5 month chunky monkey next to his brand new cousin little Paige.

A close up of sweet little Paige.

Tyler just woke up and was so smiley I had to take a quick pic and add it too!
Don't you love the double dimples, those are gonna be trouble!!!

Gotta go love ya all he's hungry now!
He's practically withering away, can you tell?


Patsy Mecham said...

Wow, what a chunk that Tyler is. So cute with his dimples and all. Thanks for the pics of the new baby too.

Caden & Texie said...

He is so darn cute... I can't wait to meet him!!

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing. What a beautiful family. We miss you guys here in Vernon!

Erica Shurter said...

so cute! I'm so glad you finally posted... I've been dying for new pics of the kids! I showed Danny and he can't believe how big Emily is... that isn't the same little girl they had when they lived in Vernon is it? How long have they been gone? My reply... Too long! :) Miss you guys!

Karie said...

What a sweet baby! I believe every word you say about Logan, he was always such a sweet little guy in Primary. Miss you guys!

Blue Jeans said...

Hey Auntie A,
Tyler sure is cute, he's going to outgrow Breidi any day now.