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Sunday, February 1, 2009

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Living in Kentucky is a little different than Idaho where I grew up. They just don't get a lot of snow here!  So Monday started with a half of inch of snow-- of course they cancelled school because we can't drive with the roads in such a terrible condition! HAHA  then Tuesday followed with about 3-4 inches of snow which of course can't possibly go to school then! Then Tuesday night the freezing rain started to fall, by morning we had between a half inch to 3/4 inches of ice coating everything. Wednesday morning the power turned off at about  6:30am. The trees and power lines were just coated and if the ice wasn't breaking the power lines falling trees were. We turned on the gas fireplace and had a very nice quiet day without all the normal distractions, Lonnie stayed home and the kids loved having him around to make projects with and play with.  Tony, Stacie, and the kids came over to spend the night because we had the fireplace to keep things a little warmer. We cooked dinner on the camp stove and tucked everyone in pretty early and snuggled under our covers. By morning we it was a little chill but not too bad it was 62 degrees in the house. After another camp stove breakfast we listened to the radio and they were saying that the power could be out anywhere from 6- 10 days. We decided we should find a generator to help us make it through this power outage. We finally found some in Cincinnati (1 hour north) So we loaded everyone up and went for a day trip. We got 2 generators and  had some lunch, and headed home we finally made it home by about 5:30pm. We got home and the power was actually back on--yeah!  We are just glad that we can be prepared for anything that comes in the future. So the eventful week is now wrapping up and we are headed back to more normal things for Monday-- back to school and other happy thoughts. Of course until the snow that is supposed to come in on Tuesday! I guess we will just have to go to school all summer! 

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