A visit from Santa!

Friday, December 19, 2008

We got a surprise visit from Santa at our ward Christmas party. Ethan and Logan got right in there to tell him what they wanted for Christmas, but Emily wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. She was clinging to Lonnie and wouldn't even consider it. Then when all the kids cleared out and he was getting ready to leave that she was willing to go over-- not to sit on his lap but to ask him for the candy cane shape container of bubbles. She got close enough to ask but would not sit on his lap. An intersting side note today we were at the boys school for all the Christmas festivities and their mascot was walking around (a leopard) She almost ran up to him to say hi and was not shy about giving him a great big hug--go figure? I guess to Emily the man in the big red suit is much scarier than a leopard.

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