Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We did a little photo shoot the other day and took a ton of pictures they are pretty fun it was crazy trying to get three very independant kids to work with their Mom & Dad. I am going to try to add a slide show of a few of the pictures so you can see some of the process we had to go through.

Emily was the little princess as always wanting to be the center of attention as always, she has a pretty quirky/goofy side too!

Ethan is all about posing he pretty much said bring it on.

Logan now a "grown boy" is too big for all this silly picture stuff but after a little while we coaxed some fun out of him.

Any way we thought you might enjoy these pics and wanted to wish you a very LOVED valentines day!

We love you all! and miss you too!

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